There Seems To Be An Error In Thiscweek's Telegrapg Gk Crossword

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Gerdalund | 19:52 Sat 21st May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answer to 23 dwn is I beleve "isothere" this means that the second letter of 23 acr is E. however the answer to38 acr is NOURISHER the second letter of which is of course O.Have they got it wrong or amI wrong somewhere? Comments apprciated. Regards, geralund


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Giving the clues might be useful.
Wouldn't 23 D and Across have only the first letter in common?
I think the OP means 23d From the Greek meaning
“equal summer”, a contour on
a weather map linking points
with the same average
temperature in said season (8)


38a A cool drink; an additional fee
payable to counsel in a prolonged
case; or, an activity or course for
brushing-up one’s existing knowledge
or skills on a given task or subject (9)
38a is obviously 'Refresher'
23d Isotrope
Beg pardon, it is Nourisher for 23d
Thanks, Captain2, but the first sentence of the OP is still confusing for me!
I thought 23D was the "line" clue and has eight letters? Nourisher has nine.
The mistake by the OP is that they should have typed 38a and not 23a in the second line.
Not sure if this will work, but if it does, you can see for yourselves.

For a male, I'm doing quite well here; I'm looking at this, eating my evening meal and trying to pack. ;0)))
Thanks, Captain2, just a simple slip-up in the OP! 38 A was, of course, mentioned, but I thought that was another of the interlinking ones .

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There Seems To Be An Error In Thiscweek's Telegrapg Gk Crossword

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