Children's Society Rushden Closed 30Th April

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henbreeder | 19:16 Fri 20th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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As an experienced quizzer who enters a lot of quizzes locally and nationally for charity, I have recently failed miserably with this quiz, and am curious to know whether anyone on here actually gets all the answers right. This particular quiz-setter gives very few letter-counts for the answers, so you are left to make an educated guess. The quiz is usually riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, and, quite frankly, I am struggling to see how he arrives at the answers. In his latest offering, where all answers had to be connected to the home, the question "A very useful spanner" turned out to be "bridge"!! Does anyone have a bridge in their home? - if so, I'd appreciate knowing where. I have, regrettably, decided to give this particular charity a miss in future.


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looks like the clue should have been 'a very useful bridge' . . .
I have to agree, Henbreeder. I have this Home quiz in front of me, not sent in because I just could not find the answer to fifteen out of the hundred clues. Normally, I am able to complete a quiz, right or wrong. I don't know why the setter chooses to give letter count for some clues and not for others.
As somebody who knows this setter I wish to point out a few things. The setter passed away a couple of years ago and his wife is carrying on with the quizzes that he has already prepared in aid of the Children's Society. Up until now they seem to have run smoothly. However, having said that Joy is aware that this one was particularly hard and she agrees that more number of letters in the clues would have helped find the answer. I myself and other people I know are all in the same boat with low scores when we usually just get the odd one wrong. I have in fact won one out of a draw.
Let us not dwell on this particular one. Treat it as a one off as it is only £1 for a worthy charity. I will say the next quiz 'Anything Goes' is a lot better and more interesting.
Joy, who is 80 years old, does exceptionally well to continue with the quizzes that John had already prepared before his sudden death.
Please continue to support her if you can.
Well said, bluebell; excellent post and well done to Joy for her dedication.
Must agree with bluebell and captain ke up the good work to joy although I Struggled will still support such a worthwhile cause.
Thanks for the explanation , bluebell, and well done to Joy x
Could somebody please make sure that details of Joy's next quiz are available on the quiz roundup, because once you get out of the loop of not posting a previous quiz it is very difficult to get back in when the quiz isn't available by email.
Thank you all for the kind comments. I always put the Quizzes on the Monthly Round Up for Joy. If you page down on the Round Up you will find the next quiz. Obviously it will jump into the right month at the beginning of June.
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Thank you for an explanation. Obviously, I had no idea of the situation, and will reconsider my decision, although I do think if you are expecting people (possibly pensioners, like myself) to support charities, you need to have some kind of standard.

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Children's Society Rushden Closed 30Th April

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