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Ticknall19 | 19:38 Thu 06th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Participating in a local South Derbyshire crossword, and stuck on the last 2.
Any help will be appreciated.

1. Likely (3). I have A?T. Presume it is apt, but do not like apt for the clue.
2. Walking in space (2,1). I have E?A. No clue as the form it should take and Mr. Google was no help, so perhaps I did not phrase my request in the correct manner.

TIA. ticknall19


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Apt works, someone can be apt to do something = likely
1 Apt - is fine - (Def 2)
2 EVA - E(xtra) V(ehicular) A(ctivity)
apt looks OK to me asin APT to do something (be inclined to do it)
Apologies, "E(xtra)V(ehicular)" is one word
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Thanks to all three of you. I have never heard of of Extra Vehicular Activity, then I have never been in Space either.
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Lie-in King. I think your answer is correct. It is only a little local magazine after all. Perhaps the setter is one of those persons who separates long words…….
Perhaps they had extra-vehicular as hyphenated to show 2,1
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It is me back again. There is a third one hidden in a corner that I missed

3. Concentration measure (1,1,1). I have P?M

Any help will be appreciated.
Per Square Metre
^^ sorry P.S.M.
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Thanks everyone. Now finished and ready to be submitted.

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