Pensychnant Christmas Quiz Closing Date 31 Jan.

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percyverunce | 20:50 Mon 27th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last one to find.Q10 All answers have something to do with the great outdoors.

It is suggested that according to Wellington, this is where the battle of Waterloo was won. (3,7,6,2,4)
I have read so much about the battle of Waterloo but nothing has been an obvious answer. Methinks it might be much more simple than I think.
Any clues would put me out of my misery. Thank you.


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The playing fields of Eton
Question Author
Oh, you're fantastic. Thank you so much. I presume you were familiar with the quote. I read reams of boring details of battles until my head hurt.
Thank you cashier and bobbinwales. And a very Happy New Year.
^ What a brilliant thank-you. I'm jealous.
Always get a nice thank you from percyverunce.
Yes you do, it always makes your day when you get a nice acknowledgement.
Too late now but it does say no asking for clues or answers on the internet.
Bags answering the next one. (if I can)
Ah, I should have known that Smouse with my rather painful knowledge of this quiz.

Time dulls the memory.
Question Author
Oh so sorry for asking, I completely forgot!
But thank you for your lovely comments about me. Good manners and a pleasant demeanour cost nothing and I do try.

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Pensychnant Christmas Quiz Closing Date 31 Jan.

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