Buildings C/D 30Th Nov

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mrsmaggot | 14:42 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Firstly please note I am NOT asking for an answer ( As the setter has has requested not asking for answers on the internet! )- and do not wish to get into a debate about this!
I have one left and cannot decipher from the clue what I’m looking for at all.
The clue is “ Dos-Si -Dos such as seen in court 15 “ ( 4,2,5)
Could anyone give me a HINT or a clue to what I’m missing please .
I know dos-si -dos means back to back and is a dance move and presume court 15 refers to a tennis court ? , but am completely bamboozled by the connection to get a building .


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//I know dos-si -dos means back to back//

Now look up other definitions of that term.
you have already answered it in your question, you just need to add an S to the second word. These were all over, especially in the 1950's.
court 15 isn't referring to a tennis court. Google it.
Did you miss this bit The Winner "Firstly please note I am NOT asking for an answer"
Question Author
I have at last deciphered your hints and got the answer ! Took me a while !
Thank you mamyalynne and the winner.
I had never in fact heard of court 15 … have now read the article and learned something .( don’t stay in England which is probably why this was new to me. )
smouse. Nowhere in my reply did I type the answer. I said they had already answered it in their question but needed to add one s to their second word, and to google it if they hadn't heard of court 15.. I think the first poster mentioned the three word answer. Did "you" miss that bit smouse?
No you didn't type it just told Mrsmaggot to add an s. Not sure how you see that as not giving the answer.

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Buildings C/D 30Th Nov

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