Lions Its About Time Quiz. Answers Must Include "Time", "Day", "Hour", "Minute" Or "Second"

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Iremic | 18:01 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
26 Answers
sorry about that
27: This quiz is one example (7)
46: When tio take your first strike (3,4)


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You'd have been better answering on your initial thread.
Goodness me Iremic this quiz only came out the other day and I expect goes on into the New Year.I have ordered a copy and am looking forward to it.Surely you could have thought about it a bit longer before asking.
27 Think Khyber + one of those words
JJ109 I give up,surely this spoils the quiz.If i get stuck for answers I will probably ask for help on here but the quiz has 6 months to run,I think this is a bit much.
Sorry Grumpy - I disagree with you! The heading clearly states the name of the quiz and therefore anybody who does not want to see the questions and answers simply should not click on it.

I recently completed a quiz but for a few questions that still had three months to run. I did not want to wait three months before being put out of my misery.

Like I said if you don't want to see answers for this quiz, then don't click on it!

Good luck with your other quizzes!
I was not thinking of the answers JJ109 I was just simply amazed that someone has had the quiz 5 minutes and is already asking for answers.If as I believe this quiz will go on until March then surely after New Year is soon enough to ask.
I agree wholeheartedly Grumpy
Why on earth send for a quiz if you are unable to do it? Beats me. I know that all the answers will appear on this site eventually, but not before I even receive the bloody quiz!!
Question Author
I've done all the other answers these are the only two I need.
I agree with jj, if you don't want to know, why look? It's different if the setter requests no asking
Spot on spottydog
Question Author
Thanks jj109 , got that one now.
Just need No. 46 now
Question Author
Could when to take your first strike (3,4) have something to do with golf?
it could be a rhyming/sound'slike clue- a word that sound's like something you use for your first golf strike. Plus a key word
'tee' time ?
Question Author
Thanks bobbinwales. That's just what I was thinking. I am pleased that you got what I was getting at.
Which quiz is this please.
Question Author
Lions Its About Time Quiz. Answers must include "time", "Day", "Hour", "Minute" or second
Thank you Iremic but where do I get it from?
Destils can be found here:
New quiz available to buy online.

I added it to the monthly round up.

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Lions Its About Time Quiz. Answers Must Include "Time", "Day", "Hour", "Minute" Or "Second"

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