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Matakari | 15:00 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Pabulum is up to his old tricks again! Help/Hints would
be appreciated for the following, please. Thanks in advance!

15 (a) Singing seamstress active in coastal city (5) : ????I
41 (a) Drunk wrote an item perhaps (5) : ??O??

26 (d) Work MIT has reset aged learner (8) : ?????A??
34 (d) Only mound rich man sits on (6) : N?????


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41. Twoer (anagram wrote, plus a couple/an item etc)
15 - Think La Boheme
41 - Anagram of wrote
26 - Usual two letter word for work + anagram of MIT set
34 - Three letter word for rich man + three letter word for mound
26 - anagram of “op mit has”
Matakari, Pabulum's 'old tricks' are very welcome - we got a good workout today!

Neveracrossword ,I needed a lie-down in a darkened room once I finished it.
Thanks, Novalis - but you'd have a sense of satisfaction as well as exhaustion?

Matakari, I think you might be back with more of your batches!
Yes Neveracrossword. I always get a feeling of satisfaction when I finish the Spectator, EV and Mephisto etc because I am acutely aware of the limitations of my cruciverbal ability.
Thanks, Novalis - you sound a bit like me (though I don't always finish Mephisto!).
Did those hints help Matakari. Let us know if you want the actual answer's for any. Must admit 26 were a new word for me
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Many thanks, all! The 3-letter word for rich man in 34(d) is still eluding me, though. Thanks again!
Matakari, the three-letter word always sounds a bit rude to me, even though it's valid and is in Chambers! The answer to 42 A provides a useful letter. Have you got that one yet?
Question Author
I'm not yet there,NACW!

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