Stanbrook Abbey Ditloids Quiz Closing In June

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MontyMiniman | 20:21 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any answers please

4 t n in p

200 a s on a s

24 h r l m

5 b w c w

2 r b n

8 d a w b s thank you


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8 days a week - Beatles song
Any particular theme?
24 hour race le mans
Question Author
Many thanks captain and chloe
I've seen "b w c w" previously in a different context as "Boy who cried wolf" (without The) and the only explanation I can give for the 5 is that it is a level 5 reading book. It's a bit tenuous but seeing some of the answers you have been given I'm wondering if there should be some punctuation included.
I don't have 2 r b n on my list - is this correct ?
Can anyone help with
55 S A (B C) and 9000 M N of H.

Thank you
Question Author
Sorry it should be 2 b o s g

I am struggling with the two you need myself cheers
In that case its Two becomes One Spice Girls.

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Stanbrook Abbey Ditloids Quiz Closing In June

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