The K M Links Game - April 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 02:49 Mon 26th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and not too bad out there for a holiday Monday, everyone coming back from school holidays, glad I'm not out on the road today ....all those caravans !!

And now for the links ....all i can say is thank goodness for Lemon Thyme ...

White Gold
Lemon Thyme
Yellow Tail
Black Berry

The first pair went friendless, and I wasn't too confidant about Yellow Tail, but KARAMIA surprised and collected the 2 Bonus points as well as her three, which has put her in a very speccy position indeed !!
In addition, SCORPIOJO, ANIKOMO, SADIELADY, LADY JO & TONYAV all picked up three points for two correct which helped their case as well, and lots of people collected a point, mostly for their Lemon thyme, so not as dire as I first thought.....nice going, everyone.

This rounds up April and I'll disappear shortly to deal with those results, but having checked my calendar several times, I think I'm correct in saying May will be a long month, with 5 Saturdays on which to play,...something to look forward to !!

Ok I'm off for a bit, but will return .....


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7 points - KARAMIA

6 points - Rose Maybud, Sam1969 & scorpiojo

5 points - anikomo, choux, jollyroger66 & petland

4 points - CricDram, Elspeth, Lady Jo, Magyar, MargoTester, sadielady, Shazza H & tonyav.

3 points - brizzer, Butterbun, cliffyg, ducksie, Fibonacci, Gill G, Lysander, modeste, Mozz71' Muzz, tearinghair & weecalf.

2 points - Arksided, Bugsy, Candice Marie, Chiefpanda, dannyk13, elliemay1, forwdward, hellomummy, JJ109,
Joolz, myamoo, murraymints,Patsy33, rockfordill, roslyn251254 & John, SharonA, teacher1 & Vera.

1 point - Aelmpvw, angler57, Buenchico, cpfcrosie, emmie, haras2, Lozzy, Jean G, jillywiskas, johnny.5,
Jobjockey, Kawakiri, Lady CG, mallyh, masterchef, nabob, owllady, seekeerz, Chris H, toaster, twix123 & wickedtongue.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers for the month, a concerted effort right at the end to empty the Club Rooms, which will now be closed for refurbishment etc before the Northern hemisphere summer comes along .....just a word of warning though .....Polo on bicycles will no longer be allowed indoors, extensive damage has been done to much of the East wing and repairs costly, so be warned or I'll set the elephants onto you !!

And on that note, I'll see you all next week, take care and stay safe, Cheers, Steff.
yeah 1 point, that makes a nice change
Thanks skz.
Thanks, Steff.
I am not sure how I have managed this but I am over the moon. Thanks for all your hard work Seekeerz.
Steff, surely it should be White Tail ( a spider) and yellow gold. The only Yellow tail I could find was the Name of a wine which is a bit obscure.
I thought yellowtail was a type of fish, Danny. A sort of salmon? That is what I meant when I picked it.
I couldn't find any link to a fish.
There is a yellowfin tuna.
Thanks Ellie :-)
You're welcome danny x
Question Author
Hi danny, I appreciate the points you've made, I agree either is quite possible, I'm familiar with the white tailed spider ....nasty little brute, but also with the yellow tail fish, plus the yellow tailed cockatoo down here in Oz, also the yellow tail wine produced in NSW.

I've done a quick check and I don't think it would make a lot of difference to our game, except that were we to change it would remove a number of points from Karamia, which I think would be a shame.

Hope everyone is ok with this, they were rather obscure matches
That's fine by me Steff.I just didn't know which way to go when sending in my entry.
Question Author
Oh dear, I'm glad that's not my decision, but good luck :)
Well done KARAMIA of which has being a tricky month. well done to all fellow point scorers we'll leave the smelly ones behind.

I'm happy with two points :-)

Thank you Seekeeerz.Xx

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The K M Links Game - April 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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