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tiffy | 16:04 Sun 14th Feb 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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this quiz has a section on dingbats
please can someone tell me whay a dingbat is and how do i start st solve it
example no1 me repeat 6/5/2 letters ive never done a dingbat before so glad of any explanation thanks tiffy


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At their simplest dingbats are say what you see, in this case the word repeat is after me.

Repeat after me
An example here tiffy,just click on the link:-
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thank you all i will try and solve them thanks tiffy
Take a loot at this - it gives the dingbats and the answers - it will help you see how to solve them
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to tuvok thanks for answer but this dingbats are letters not pictures example la4nd 7/4 letters what do they mean im stumped thanks tiffy
4(four) in land

Foreign land
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to mammyallyn thank you so much that does make sense ill try with the others thanks tiffy
Just keep reading and saying out loud what is on the page and trying to make sense of it.
In general I agree Mamyalynne but it doesn't work for No. 5 in this group of questions though.
I think you can only answer a question like this in general terms really.

I must have the quiz somewhere, I'll look.
Yes, I see your point - with that you have to see what isn't there :-)

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