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seekeerz | 00:12 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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with the crossword today .....trying to get it printed and Telegraph want me to sign up for more puzzles and I don't have an option ...subscribe or you don't get the puzzle you want ( or anything else for that matter !! ) The funny noise is my gnashing teeth !!


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Is it a new thing with the Telegraph or maybe a glitch, Steff.
Question Author
a new thing i think, Tony ...I click onto the puzzle, the 'offer' page comes up, click out and try again, same thing happens ...have closed out of the page and refreshed, same thing .....not the weather for this sort of shenanigans !!
I signed up to The Telegraph site earlier this week, so that I could access one puzzle per day, but I also had problems when I actually tried to view a puzzle; it wouldn't let me. It's just allowed me to log in now though but I don't know which puzzle it is that you work from.
I just tried the link for the Giant GK Crossword and, as you've experienced today and I also experienced earlier in the week, all I get is a panel inviting me to pay for a subscription.
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I'm trying to get the Giant General Knowledge but I just keep clicking on and off the 'offer' page whether i want it or not !! ruddy thing !!

I will have to leave this for now, I need to be out watering, not losing my temper with this !!
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thanks Chris that's what I'm getting with no options to decline I said Ruddy thing !!!!!!!
Right then, looks like we have had it now regarding the Telegraph, unless one of the regulars have subscribed.
I take it that you have an heatwave going on down in Aussie then, Steff ?
Oh dear Steff, and there's me getting the early bus back from the Zoom pub tonight so I don't miss out on the fastest finger first ;-)).
Hope that you get some rain soon.
Text of the message I've just sent to the DT:

"The puzzles website seems not to be allowing people to access one free puzzle per day.

I signed up recently and couldn't access any puzzles and I'm still unable to view them today. All that I get when I click on a puzzle is a panel inviting me to pay for a subscription, with no way of getting rid of it.

I thought it might just be something to do with my computer (although I've tried several different browsers) but an online friend in Australia has just reported the same problem, so it would seem to be a general one.

Please remedy it!"

I've had an automated response advising me that an adviser will get back to me within two working days but whether anything will actually happen is anyone's guess!
Question Author
Sorry guys I’m outside with the hose my walker and a wicked cat !! Recipe for disaster !!
Chris I don’t like our chances of Telegraph doing anything quickly - I wonder if they realise how many potential subscribers they’re pissing off !!
Tony - yes we have a heatwave it’s a holiday weekend ....38 today, 39plus tomorrow and who knows what for Monday ...I’ve shifted camp into the fridge

Twix - sorry about the glitch, I should have known something would go wrong !!

I guess I’ll just have to wait for someone to post later this morning...not a happy camper :(((
Tony - yes we have a heatwave it’s a holiday weekend ....38 today, 39plus tomorrow and who knows what for Monday ...I’ve shifted camp into the fridge

Blimey !, hope it cools down for you, Steff. Pretty cold down here right now.
Is that dry heat, Steff, or is it very humid?

A few years ago I was in Madid for a few days when the temperature was around 38C and I absolutely loved it because it was a dry heat. (Bars and restaurants had misting systems operating on their outdoor terraces to try to add a bit of moisture into the air). I then returned to the UK, where it was ten degrees cooler, at 28C, but very humid and really, really wished I was back in Madrid!

So it's not heat, per se, that gets me down; it's humidity. (When I visited Singapore for a few days, on my way to Oz, I loved the sights and sounds but I was really glad to leave; I just couldn't stand the humidity).
Question Author
At the moment it’s dry heat which I can cope with in small doses - we never had humidity in SA until quite recently and I can’t handle it at all - it’s yuck and very draining !!
Chris - I only have one puzzle per day - but I am having no problem. Today it is the "Tough Sudoku" and I can access it! When I click on the other puzzles, I get the same request to subscribe that you do - but this is the norm, I only get one puzzle per day (their choice - yesterday was the toughie crossword today is the tough sudoku)
Makes it difficult to breathe I should imagine, Steff.
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