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Matakari | 08:51 Fri 04th Dec 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning, all!
"Ghost companions" are not too ghastly this week! I got the theme quite early,
but am stuck on a few clues for which I am now seeking HINTS, Please! Thanks
in advance!

42 Smuggler swallows special honeyed drink (5) : ??L??

18 One laptop abandoned by business, I reckon (7) : ??P???R ( IMPUTER )
22 Half clad, different people need to employ one — of these? (9): ?L???IE??
27 Deliberately point back at parrot, one beginning to moult (7, two words): ???EA??


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yes seen as imputer
sorry if you just wanted hints...
42 A usual drug smuggler with Special inside.

22 Half of the word 'clad' + a six-letter word for 'different people, with an I inside that part. Tailors, noun, could be the definition.
27 The words are split 4,3 - the definition being 'deliberately point'.
Not entering TVLPP this month Dave?
Question Author
Many thanks, Neveracrossword and Emmie, for the invaluable help.
I am having trouble parsing this last one. Help, please!

41 ( A ) Decoration for coach resuscitating ailing career (12, two words):
Not going to answer my question, Dave?
Matakari, thanks. Your last one is simply an anagram and well within your capabilities! You're asking for help that you don't really need.
Question Author
Neveracrossword, are my letters for 41 (A) correct?
( ?AR?I?G?L?N? )
Question Author
Thanks! I just can't see anything else but WARRING CLANS. Except we're looking for some obsolete expression in the anagram! Help me out of this quandary now!
Matakari, sorry I was a little terse earlier, I was exasperated! You said you were 'having trouble parsing this last one' - but you didn't have the answer. I think the big hint should have helped, but you continued to struggle. Anyway, back to your 41 A. The answer has 12 letters, two words in the clue make 12 letters, you have six of them already. It is a perfectly normal two word answer, nothing obscure. Have another bash at it!
Question Author
Sorry about the exasperation, Neveracrossword ! I thank you for urging me to try harder. I believe I have it now. The first word is CARRIAGE from my research. Please confirm!
Yes, Matakari - that is the correct first part. If you can't get the rest, it might be time to give up!

PS Urging you to 'try harder' was because you've been doing this puzzle for over a decade, I wasn't expecting you to be struggling so much with that last clue! *
Question Author
It's done now, Neveracrossword,and thanks again!
Thanks, Matakari - glad you got there in the end... and what a long, hard end it was! Maybe one day - maybe even in 2020 - you won't need any help, never mind loads of it. I am the eternal optimist!

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