Bloomin' Beautiful - 30 November

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bluebell56 | 13:31 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Before anyone complains I am aware it is a no asking quiz but I am struggling with the last one and time is getting short. Just the first letter or a simple clue would be helpful. All answers are flowering plants, shrubs and trees.
No.48 Silly gag on the river? (10)
Thanks desperate.


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Something that you mind find on your foot should give you the first four letters plus another name for a river.
agree with danny
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Still struggling dannyk13 and elliemay1. All I can find is corncockle? Am I on the right track? Thanks
the first part is right, then think of a crossword setters word in a clue for a river.
First part correct,
I think the 'river' part might begin with f - term often used in cryptic crosswords
^ second part begins with f
First four letters are correct, just think of what a river does.

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Got it at last! Cornflower. Thank you very much all of you and for being patient. Much appreciated.
Glad to help.
Interesting, after all the subterfuge (being a no asking quiz etc) you give out the answer.
bluebell56 - The quiz setter has just posted a comment here
which I'm sure he actually meant to post for you on this thread. It tells you exactly what he thinks of people who deliberately ignore the rules of his quizzes.
Interesting Pulse 876 - Bluebell56 actually made a comment on the rather long debate on that link!
You're right with the first part.

The second part is in your intro text. Look for a word that goes with your first part.

When you say this word in relation to a river it sounds the same as what you stand on.
Tuvok, did you forget to scroll?
Nope - page must not have loaded right!
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Thank you Tuvok for your time.

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Bloomin' Beautiful - 30 November

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