Buxton Mountain Rescuec/D 31St Oct.

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quizgran | 09:59 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Been waiting to ask 4 questions on here. Stuck on 5. No through road(7,3). 9. Plant, crease (7, 4). 12. Is this needed to catch a mackerel, plus a valley (10) 29. It starts at Sowerby bridge on
05/09/20 where does it end on 06/09/20. Thanks in advance for any help (to get posted in on time) very much appreciated.


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Is there a theme?
12 Spratslade
9 -am not sure what your looking for but could be something ended in FOLD
Question Author
Sorry forgot to say they as place names in the british isles can be found in the gazeteer or british places names
I know this is the date you can ask for help from but it does say clues only
Question Author
Apparently it says clues only so please only give clues, ok smouse
29 Google Sowerby Bridge 5th September
9. Think production unit.
5. The motorist reaches this when he can get no further.
As smouse has said, I stated on the quiz sheet, ask for clues only. Thank you smouse, appreciate your input.

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Buxton Mountain Rescuec/D 31St Oct.

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