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LunaLuna | 13:19 Wed 30th Sep 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have a Divide and Answer maths question. Struggling with this though I have tried long and hard. I have five numbers 152 95 209 114 38 228 . They can all be divided by one number greater than 1 WITHOUT leaving a remainder. Please can you clever people help? I would appreciate it.


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Dont think I asked that question correctly. I have to replace in the empty central box a number by which all the other numbers can be divided without leaving a remainder. The number is greater than one.
The way to do this is to take the smallest number first and split that into its factors. These are 2 and 19. Both are prime numbers.
Therefore your answer can only be one of these two numbers

You then notice that other numbers are odd (95 and 209). These cannot be divided by 2

Therefore the only possible solution is 19
152/19 = 8
95/19 = 5
209 /19 = 11
114 /19 = 6
228/19 = 12

Answer 19

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