2020 Winter Quiz For Save The Children C/ Djan 10 2021

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catswhiskas | 14:25 Sun 27th Sep 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I know this quiz is a while away, but if you have this quiz, can you look at the link words please ,no you think the setter has made a mistake here ?
Do not tell me the answer ,would just like an opinion please.


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Should have given the question Christmas ???ness
Hello catswhiskas. I have an answer for No.10 however it is not spelt correctly but I think it is what the setter needs.
I can shoehorn one in but it feels a bit clumsy.
Ah, I can see where you are going Bluebell - I have gone for something else.
I have emailed to query the letter count.
Good idea Mamyalynne. This setter does tend to make errors.
I'll report back,have subbed this thread.
Question Author
Thanks, if you get a reply on this Mamyalynne, can you let us know please.
Thanks bluebell
Gif its the Higham Ferrers quiz then the 3 letter word that fits with the first word and would make another word if there was another letter in the second par of the clue is correct.

A fellow ABer checked with the setter and shared the reply with me.
"Setter confirms this morning Nnes for Q10 link words"
3 letter is correct even though it doesn't work?

Is that right?
Crossed there.

There is an amendment then, thank you.
Added the correction the the Round up for other quizzers,ta Tuvok.
Ah, yes. I thought about this too. Have put in the three letters even though it means the full word is spelt wrong
I tried to be smart (and failed) with...


Looks like I anticipated well! Thank you Mamyalynne.

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2020 Winter Quiz For Save The Children C/ Djan 10 2021

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