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Matakari | 12:01 Thu 03rd Sep 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good day, I'm on the ball and batting well with this interesting Doc
offering! I'm seeking HINTS only for the following to complete this one.
Many thanks in advance!

14 17 regularly discloses gun? (3) : A??
9 We’re told Roman king suffers ruin (6) : LEE??S
41 Somewhat hairy local regulation within hospital sector (10) : PU?E?U?EN?

6 Sounds of inlets – or of disused hinges? (6) : CRE???
16 A short time in German wine valley (3) : A??
32 Scots love embracing liberal US actress (1.2) : ?LO


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14 - if you have solved 17 then you should be able to get 14 (alternative letters in the solution to 17)
Question Author
Ok, jj109 and Toorak, for 19(A) it's WRECKS and that throws my 4(D) out... no longer ANTRE 4 Bard’s cave in western part of continent (5):
Take the last four letters from a continent

Question Author
My 17 may be wrong for which I have: A DROP
That provides the letters for a type of gun
Question Author
Great,then my 17 is right.
I assume so - what is the clue for 17?
17a is a dram not a drop
a dr(medic) (am) morning
The clue is
A medic's morning tipple .
Your 17 is wrong.
Thanks for clarifying - it’s difficult when you don’t have access to the crossword
Question Author
I think I have stalled on these last two clues. Can someone just give me the answers so that I might concentrate on the remaining 2 Unclueds? Thanks!

19(A) We’re told Roman king suffers ruin (6): WRECKS
4(D) Bard’s cave in western part of continent (5) : ANT?R
Wrecks, sounds like Rex
...Rex being Latin, so the Roman for 'king'

PS That turned into some innings!
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword! I was toying with ANTAR, but just could not parse it. The innings continues as there are still 3 overs left at 3, 10 and 18...seems elusive though 3 appears to ring a bell, a musical one. I'll be mulling over them for a while.
Matakari, you got off to a good start with this puzzle - so go for a good finish too! You've listed the unclued entries you still need, do you just want answers for those?

PS Toorak gave you a massive hint earlier for Antar, I think you must have missed that.
Question Author
Thanks, Neveracrossword and Teacher 1, I've located the 3 missing unclueds and that's the end of the innings for this week! Have a good week-end, all!
Glad AB got you there, Matakari. You were LBW - Lost Before We(helped)!
Question Author
Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one, Neveracrossword! Cheers!

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