The Km Links Game - August 2020 Week 4 Results

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Rose Maybud | 06:43 Mon 24th Aug 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The links this week are:

Shoe Box
Gold Crest
White Wash
Moon Stone

and, as feared, there were just too many possibles. All the matches were found and Waterboatman and Jillywiskas get bonus points for being the only ones to match Shoe Box and Gold Crest respectively. Otherwise, I could give out only a handful of single points :( but well done to those people.

2 points: Waterboatman, Jillywiskas
1 point: johnny.5, seekerz, tonyav, owllady, lysander, ChrisHewat, Butterbun, hellomummy, elleiemay1, baza

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7 points: Elspeth, Jillywiskas, kawakiri
5 points: lysander
4 points: BeverleySA, ducksie, haras2, hellomummy, Magyar, owllady, roslyn251254
3 points: baza, Bugsy, choux, ChrisHewat, elliemay1, JJ109, jollyroger66, modeste, murraymints, Sam1960, seekerz, waterboatman
2 points: 15 players
1 points: 19 players

As ever, we'll hope for better next week.

Best wishes, Steff, for your 'op', and to everybody undergoing treatment this week. Take care!
Hooray!!! one point for me, so now I'm out of the FFC Room.:-)
No such luck for me. :-(

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The Km Links Game - August 2020 Week 4 Results

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