Hammond Property Services... Another Interim Quiz Before The Big One In September

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chairmanhh | 15:56 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have put together a yet another Charity Quiz to help raise funds for The Dame Agnes Mellers Charity which was founded in 1917. Simply open up this link for the usual details a copy of the Quiz.

I was a pupil at Nottingham High School, which was founded back in 1513 by Dame Agnes Mellers, and I am pleased to be able to support the benevolent work of the Charity; much of which is carried out ‘behind the scenes’, without fanfare or public knowledge. Proceeds raised will be donated directly to the Charity.

The original aims of the Charity were to advance education, provide recreation and relieve poverty for boys and girls under the age of 18 in the City of Nottingham. The Charity continues in this manner and now supports, for example, breakfast clubs and residential visits for both boys and girls, trips to London or the seaside and other gestures are also paid for; when they might not otherwise happen for certain children.

Whilst all of the answers having a leaning towards my old school... you do not need to have attended to solve any of the clues! You will find easy, easy cryptic, anagrams and easy (ish!) clever clues which, when solved, will give you a School related answer. Simply work out the answers and write them clearly alongside each clue.

*** As usual, to make it possible for you to solve the Quiz, I have listed all the answers on page 4 ***

Cross them off when you’ve used them – but be careful, there are ‘traps’! It’s as simple as that!!

I have allowed ample time for you to complete the quiz before our Annual Quiz which will be launched, as usual, in September. You will find that you pick it up, answer one or two, put it down, leave it a couple of days, pick it up again, change an answer, do two more, then put it down again. However, I must receive your entry by the closing date which is 12 Noon on Friday 31st July 2020!
The winner will be the entry with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, all of the entries with the most correct answers will be placed in a hat and the 3 winners will be drawn at random. Best of luck!

Please feel free to forward this Quiz email to friends and family during this period and enjoy solving the devilish clues with a group of folk if you wish... with suitable distancing!

Best of luck with your entry to this next Quiz – I hope it keeps you entertained, as well as your family and friends, as we slowly come out of the Lockdown period!

Jonathan Hammond
Principal & Valuer
HAMMOND Property Services

Established for over 30 years - specialising in Sales, Lettings, Auctions, Mortgages....and Charity Quizzes!

[email protected]

Please email me directly with any queries you may have.

OUR 2020 LOCKDOWN QUIZ RAISED £3,320 FOR A GUIDE DOG PUPPY! In fact, we raised enough for 2 Guide Dog Puppies... a huge thank you to all who entered.



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Hammond Property Services... Another Interim Quiz Before The Big One In September

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