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poorclare | 17:13 Thu 04th Jun 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What did a Persian hand-painted Ostrich egg sell for at a recent auction.

Thanking you


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Question Author
How recent is 'recent'?

This one was up for auction last December but it's not completely clear whether the £400 indicated is the price it actually sold for or just the lower end of the estimated sale price (which might indicate that it didn't actually reach the reserve - auctioneers tend to avoid putting 'unsold' on their websites):

Going back to June of last year, this one sold for £440 (although the buyer would have actually had to pay £556.16, due to a ridiculously high buyer's premium):

A Google News search to see if there were any record prices reported recently doesn't find anything relevant, so it seems to be a very odd (and very imprecise) question to me!
Remembering that many of your questions seem to relate to publications from the Emerald Isle, I've tried refining my Google searches by adding in 'Ireland' or 'Dublin' but I'm still getting nowhere.

However some newspaper quizzes refer to items that have been covered within the pages of that particular periodical, so a Google search restricted only to the website of that newspaper, and to nowhere else, can sometimes come up trumps.

So which newspaper or magazine does the quiz come from, please?

(You'll probably now tell me that it's a local church quiz, or some such thing, meaning that I'm totally barking up the wrong tree - or just "totally barking" - anyway!)

Question Author
Thank you Buenchico.
The question is from Real People Magazine and the give
A £110 B £220 C £440
I did try to google but could only get what was going up for

Thank you for all that information ~

Hope you have a pleasant evening, keep safe and well.
Question Author
I am pleased to say it was not a Church quiz lol
Thank you again for going to all that trouble for me.

Best regards

On another answer site all are agreed.

C £440
Question Author
Mamyalynne can I ask what site that was ?

Thanking you
Given that the figure of £440 was the highest that I found in my original post, and that it just happens to be one of the answers offered to you in the quiz, I agree with those who Mamya says have sewttled on that figure elsewhere.

(There would seem to be little point in me looking to see if there was some world-shattering record price achieved somewhere, possibly of many thousands of pounds, euros or dollars, if the highest figure you're allowed to answer with is only one of £440 anyway!)
About 15 years ago my husband had a work trip to Jordan and brought me back a present of a hand painted ostrich egg. I knew it was quite expensive and stood in a special stand on my mantelpiece for about 3 years until one day one of my cats got up there, knocked it down and it smashed on the hearth. I felt so guilty. Just asked and he said he paid about £180 for it at the time. I have kept the broken pieces :-(
Question Author
ah Prudie that was a lovely gift, such a pity.
Question Author
Mamyalynne week 21 answer was C £440 but the question
was What did six vinyl-seated chairs sell for.
About two years ago I dumped 6 of those chairs that were
taking up space in the attic ~ lol

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Ostrich Egg

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