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May54 | 19:22 Wed 13th May 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
16 Answers
Looking for help please with No.8 Tooth duller (8)This means nothing to me, I'm afraid! Thanks


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Is there a theme that we need to be aware of?
forgive me but buen, is your baffler still available - i cant seem to download it
Question Author
There isn't a theme, it's a quiz in two parts. Each question in the first section has 2 answers that rhyme. If I could answer "tooth duller" I could then find the answer to the other part of this question which reads Bear or sland (5). Hope this makes sense!
Question Author
Sorry, that should be Bear or island
hardtack kodiak
With apologies to May54. (I'm still trying to think of an answer to your question):

Bednobs: is temporarily down for maintenance. The blue 'Download' link here will hopefully work for you instead though:
Question Author
Thanks Buenchico, Mozz71 and particularly bibster - great answers, I have never heard of hardtack.
Question Author
Can I also ask for help with No.7 please? Again two rhyming words are the answers. Word that can follow snow, sand and rock (9) and Two card games for a safe crossing (7,6) Thanks
For the first part you are looking for a game bird that should lead you to find the rhyme in the other.
Question Author
Thanks Mamyalynne, got it - and they're all different species of the game bird.
I only have a game bird for part (a) but then I may have part (b) wrong.
Going from Mamya's clues, I have the bird and the rhyming part of the two word second clue, but not the rest of it.
^ It floats (in 21 parts?)
Ah, got ya. :-)

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Liz's Quizzes Huntingdon Macmillan Cancer Support C.d 4.7

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