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I Wonder?

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Jordyboy9 | 07:00 Thu 26th Sep 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers
I wonder who paints the sky so blue
Who paints the snowflakes white
Who wakes The Sun up every day
And lights the stars at night
Who perfumes all the roses early in the spring
And tells each little robin just what melodies to sing
I wonder how each mother knows what babies try to say
How little children learn to walk and sometimes walk away
I wonder how each rainbow follows rain and thunder
I wish that I could tell you why
But I can only wonder.



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1) Van Gogh
2) " "
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Ear,Ear,what do you mean?
Jordyboy, you've posted this in Quizzes and Puzzles...
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Yes but it’s a bit of a puzzle I wonder who
More a question I suppose.
Maybe someone will shift it
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It was Dickie Valentine that sung this,
A great British singer

Question Author
Thanks Fibonacci, I have just listened to it did you?
What do you think of it?
The answer bank has shared an amazing blog page with us. Quizzes and puzzles have been shared on this page. I wonder? Is an amazing page where I browse to get my academic work. In this page, the theme is wondering about natural sites that who is doing all this.
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I Wonder?

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