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ImLostAgain | 12:20 Thu 25th Jul 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have never read the books or seen the films so my grandson is testing me on my **knowledge** of Harry Potter! I am supposedly allowed to google the answers and have done so for quite a few. There are loads I can't find though.
Here are just three, all taken from the half blood prince and all are numbers.
1)how many handing hints were in the purple ‘protecting your home and family against dark forces’ leaflet?
2)What time was Harry’s first private lesson with Dumbledore?
3)How many number of letters are in the spell to make clean drinking water?
Here's another, why can't he go and play his computer games and leave me in peace :-)


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1. 7
Harrys first "lesson" with dumble door was more educational about voldemort and tom riddle, along with a man called Bob Ogden. it was Bob Ogden's memory that they watched
3 Aguamenti - 9
"Aguamenti" Is the clean water drinking spell.
2 - 8pm, on a Saturday
Ah i read that one wrong. Nice one Lieinking.
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Brilliant, thanks all.
I will in all probability be back with more (hope you don't mind).
You're not alone - I haven't read or seen Harry Potter.

I'm a Terry Pratchet fan.

GNU Terry Pratchett
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Ok here's three more:
a) How many Exceeds Expectations grades did Harry get in his OWLs
b) How many parts does Voldamort split his soul into
c) what is the location of Weesleys Wizard Wheezes joke shop.
I think the answer to 'c' is 93 but I'm not sure.
C 93 Dragon Alley
b Voldemort intended to split his soul into seven pieces (seven being a number which he believed to have special, magical properties) and make six Horcruxes out of them.

93 Diagon Alley
a 5

Harry Potter received Outstanding in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Exceeds Expectations in Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration, Acceptable in Astronomy, Poor in Divination, and Dreadful in History of Magic.
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Terrific Mamyalynne, I've been going around in circles trying to find these answers, especially 'a'. I kept misreading the question.
The little horror knows I struggle with this sort of thing!
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How old was Moaning Myrtle?
I've googled this and up to now I've got 12, 13, 14 & 15!!
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Myrtle Elizabeth Warren - 1928/1929 – 13 June, 1943

"...Myrtle is said to be 14 years old, so her birthday falls between these dates in order to reach that age by her death on 13 June 1943."
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Cheers Lie-in King. I'll give him that and see what he says.

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