“Old” Quiz C/d May

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mrsmaggot | 08:57 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have 1 to get - the answer to this clue contain the letters ‘ old’ within it .

1) “hard yer Wheesht” means

Any suggestions appreciated .Thankyou .


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Hold your tongue

"Haud yer wheesht!"

Okay, you may need a little help with this one though. English translation is"Hold your tongue" or "Be quiet!". Strangely enough I didn't hear this one too much. Of course, the fact that Nanas' hearing wasn't good may have been a factor there.

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Hold your tongue ?
Question Author
Thank you both ... I knew what it meant ( I am Scottish) but kept thinking be quiet and couldn’t think of any thing else!

( PS.I have put the name of the quiz and closing date)
pps "Old" Quiz - is not a name but a theme or title of the quiz and there are a lot of days in May !!

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“Old” Quiz C/d May

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