Dress Code Quiz 29/3

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poodledoo | 11:33 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers
1)Line used in sailing (8)
26)Outer skin (6)
24)A kind of horse (6)
46)Change one letter to laugh repeatedly (7)
44)Are they a drop or a hoop?(5)
The answers are things you can wear.


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1 plimsoll 26 fleece? 24 jumper? 46 goggles
11:44 Tue 12th Feb 2019
1 plimsoll
26 fleece?
24 jumper?
46 goggles
44 earrings if 8
Knits ???
oxford dictionary


1mass noun A knitted fabric.
‘a machine-washable knit’

1.1knits Garment made of a knitted fabric.
‘an array of casual knits’
Question Author
thank you all, but never heard of hoop or drop knits.
Hi poodledoo

It was only a guess.
But hoop/loom and drop-stitch are both forms of knitting.
Drop hoop earrings
Hoop scarf
Skirt possible for 44

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Dress Code Quiz 29/3

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