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dnairb | 00:37 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have 4 left. Help with parsing would be appreciated:

18A: Norman (say) coming over ousts leader of Britons in this country (5).
I have: TIRE?

23A: Heart of heuch in remote, deserted Scotland's well-liked (5).
I have: FAER?

9D: Erstwhile black personification of youth, note (5).
I have: HEB?N

28D: Chestnut, one in traditional hunt (5).
I have: C?ACE


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18a Tibet (Norman) Te(B)bit reversed
23a Faur - well-liked (Scots)
(he)U(ch) in FAR
9d Heben - Ebony (obs)
Hebe (youth) + N(ote)
28 Chace (alternative obsolete form of chase/hunt) = ch(estnut) + ace (one)
Heben -obsolete for ebony.

Chace - ch (estnut) + ace (one)
28d Chace - Chase (obs)
Ch(estnut) + ace (one)
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Calibax: Faur should be Faurd (the 'd' from deserted)
Many thanks to both. My dictionary searches didn't bring up any of these.
23a Faurd (as per Calibax + D for deserted)
19d = Butanol

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