A Bird In The Hand C/d 28/2/19

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shaley | 21:34 Mon 28th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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16. From Douglas to Chelsea via Brisbane (5,4,4)
41. Bought the penthouse in an apartment block so that he could have a fine and free view of games at Lords Cricket Club(6,8)
49. An outspoken anti drug advocate after the death of his brother David (5,6)
54. A Calendar Girl (7,4)

Some Kind Of Bird will be In the answers

Any help much appreciated?


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16. Bee Gees ?
leslie CROWther
Georgie Glen was in Calendar Girls but I cant see the bird
Nearly EAGLE though
Question Author
Yes I found Georgie Glen but couldn't get the connection . Thank you for Answers
49 Jimmy RUFFin

.... He was an anti-drug advocate

After the loss of his beloved brother, David, who died in 1991 of a suspected drug overdose, Ruffin was prompted to become a vocal anti-drug advocate, a role which he continued throughout his life.
Hint for...

54 Look at the various casts for the West End play version.
16 I can see why a Bee Gees link was suggested here but I think they went from Isle of Man to Australia via chorlton (Manchester) not Chelsea
Question Author
Thank you all it is very much appreciated
FF Born in Douglas (IOM) moved to Brisbane died in Chelsea.
Known as 5,4 but the answer also requires his middle name "Hugh"
Thanks. I see it now. Didn't read the via properly
Hi fiction- factory. Didn’t the person in question die at a hospital in Chelsea ?
Sorry fiction- factory. If I’d have looked further down the list I would have seen that jj109 had already explained.

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A Bird In The Hand C/d 28/2/19

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