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megfitz | 21:37 Tue 04th Dec 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please on these clues.
Headed ....Weapons
For trumpeting against the tanks (7)

Headed .....Food and Drink
For liquid lunch with a bit of a bite (5,7 )
Some new political leaders ‘ leader’s luxury product? (6)

Headed.....A Few Fraser
Cognitive pay-off ? Tell me! (1,5,3,4,8 )

Headed ....Pot Luck
Agent of declining assets? (6)

Thanks for any ideas.


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A few Fraser

A penny for your thoughts
Food and drink

1 Water biscuit?
Where can I get a copy of the old alresford quiz please
Question Author
PJS15 you can get a copy of the Quiz from Manor Farmhouse, Old Alresford,Hants at a cost of £2 plus £1 for answers
Bazooka - 1.Anti-tank weapon. 2. Musical instrument.
Elefant (trumpeting) ^^
Bazooka is an instrument that is blown .
definition 10.
"Cognitive pay-off ? Tell me!"
A penny for your thoughts (??)

"For liquid lunch with a bit of a bite"
Water Biscuit (??)
Jo, I prefer a weapon popular with the allied forces rather than an obscure German weapon.

Word origin of 'bazooka'
extension of bazoo: name applied by Bob Burns (1896-1956), U.S. comedian, to a comic musical horn made of two gas pipes and a whiskey funnel
(trumpeting ?)
jj, check my link ^^
Question Author
Thanks for all the various suggestions, any ideas on the second Food and Drink or Pot Luck.
found one I’d missed inPot Luck :
....and others appear about to graduate (7) this follows one with a musical instrument answer don’t know if they are connected.
Who does the cheque have to be made out to please?
Ba's soon for pot luck question
Question Author
Thank you Wizzy, I’m up for swaps if anyone else is doing it, I’m about 60%answered.
Georgiesmum..the Quiz is in aid ofSt Mary’s Church, cheques made out to Old Alresford PCC . Post Code SO24 9DH.
Pot Luck


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