Sunday Times Where Was I? 29/10/2017

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Etch | 12:32 Sun 29th Oct 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I hope Flonska and goodgoalie aren't too disappointed: not a pier, lighthouse, national trail, canal, or even a castle in sight this week! Although, if I'm not mistaken, Mr Fautley skirted very close to a well known example of the latter, but didn't think it worth a mention.

The last item referred to is a big clue to the running theme of the puzzle this week.

Good luck


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Hi. yes, really good one this week - I think I've got the two answers, but haven't got the third author yet. Had to dig out an ancient A to Z!
Hi GG, Think the third author is Daniel Defoe who was married in St Botolph's church, Aldgate.

Cheers David Smith
Very enjoyable this week, thank you Etch, with the inclusion of the two English Civil War Battles. I did not initially read the following clue properly, "A second author, born 1785, lived in an adjacent, similarly named street; his characters include Mr Skionar," and thought that a street had been named after him - then the penny dropped - No . . . it's the MP!!! It also took a bit of a furtle to get the bio on the character. Fascinating though, that he and others in the novel were parodies of such distinguished contemporaries of the time.
Hi F. Enjoyed this - took me a while to realise what the six three-letter references were. Always find the ones set in London are difficult, and not a homophone in sight! :)
"Acorns appear on this former borough’s crest," made me laugh since acorns appear to be included many boroughs' crests.

Fortunately, I worked in two locations where such letters were prominently displayed on all stationery - CHA being one. MIN and MAN were simply confirmatory,
Flonska, I am finding the ACO, CHA, AVE, MIN, MON, MAN a bit off putting.

I have found some names but am floundering a bit. Any thing to do with Staffordshire, (Izaak Walton)?
This is obviously way beyond my capabilities this week. :-(
Not Staffordshire Tilly, but where he moved to

I couldn’t understand the abbreviations either
Question Author
This site explains the three-letter abbreviations:
Ah - thank you! I was thinking perhaps abbreviations for tube stations but couldn’t work it out.

Thank you, Toorak. You are always helping me out! :-)
Thank you, Etch. Sorry I called you Flonska earlier. I do apologise.
Tilly - if you google ambassador to France and the relevant date that will get you to the politician (and then the streets named after him)
Ta, Toorak, again.
Tilly . . . are you on the right track now?

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Sunday Times Where Was I? 29/10/2017

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