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Lizzies Quizzes 26

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sidonie | 13:52 Fri 22nd Sep 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
10 Answers
I need help with some of lizzies clues which I am unable to solve
although I am sure the answer will be simple.
No 7a Someone who mooches 6 letter
No 7b What animal connects Poachers Choice & Golden Champion 6 letters
2b Lose one's composure 2 2 6 letters
and finally
Phrase no 28 BT YRT NG vowels missing

thanks ahead for any help



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7b Badger
2b go to pieces?
7a cadger
7a Cadger? Bummer?
I think it supposed to rhymen with badger as clues are linked?
28 Bite your tongue
Question Author
Many thanks to everybody for the help and so
quickly. Heaves sigh of relief now finished.
Ha..Thanks chelle didn't know that x

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Lizzies Quizzes 26

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