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Finding Words

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postman44 | 13:12 Tue 08th Aug 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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what three letter word can be added to each of the following set of words

26. ful,ct,t.

name the uk town
12.look inside the hamper that is open to get here
18. there is a smaller one next the sea.

find the linking word
64. white post
65.port glass
67.grey horn
69.paper moth table

thank you for any help


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69 Tiger
70 Port
12 Perth
65 wine
26.Tinful- tinct tint
30. are you sure it is CRP?
67 matter
18 Wells
30 If it is just CR and not CRP - crIMP IMPel IMPart?

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Finding Words

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