Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz Answers.

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furrypusscat | 22:10 Sat 05th Nov 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. Concord.
2. Pinchbeck.
3. Scargill.
4. Peckham.
5. Yardley.
6. Borrodale.
7. Molesden
8. Linklet.
9. Woodram.
10. Knotty Ash.
11. Quarter.
12. Polegate.
13. Butterlaw.
14. Chandler’s Ford.
15. Footbridge/Bridgefoot.
16. Todmorden.
17. Holyrood.
18. Poundland.
19. Sandiacre.
20. Grainthorpe.
21. Folkestone.
22. Milesmark.
23. Grampound.
24. Rudyard.
25. Inverkip.
26. Spanish Green.
27. Bucket Corner.
28. Astrope.
29. East Winch.
30. Grain.
31. Cupid’s Hill.
32. Chain Bridge.
33. Winnard’s Perch.
34. Ashburton.
35. Toddlehills.
36. Skipton.
37. Ventonleague.
38. Boysack.
39. Clovelly.
40. Palmarsh.
41. Spango.
42. Coldstream.
43. Monkhide.
44. Glastonbury.
45. Weymouth.
46. Squires Gate.
47. Bardwell.
48. Cubitt Town.
49. Tunstead.
50. Middle Quarter.
51. Kiplin.
52. Wimpstone/Whetstone.
53. Gillingham.
54. Westweekmoor.
55. Higher Hogshead.
56. Chalkfoot.
57. Walpole St. Peter.
58. Handsworth.
59. Buttonoak.
60. Weybridge.

Well, I just couldn’t stop could I? From lovely comments I have again received I believe that everyone has enjoyed this latest one. I must apologise for giving the incorrect date for Question 36 as queried by only 3 quizzers which should have read 1852 not 1858 as stated. This has not had any bearing on the final scores. Whilst there isn’t a follow on quiz I am looking at compiling one for possibly Spring 2017. Once ready I will contact everyone for whom I have email addresses but please don’t feel compelled to purchase, if you do not want to partake in any future quizzes either reply asking not to be contacted again or delete. I will of course enter full details on the Fundraising and AnswerBank sites and local newspapers.
Total sales for this quiz plus extra donations amounted to £241 and now makes a running total of £2465, an amount I couldn’t have achieved without your ongoing support, so a huge Thank You to you all.
Winner of £10 prize drawn out of 'all correct' returned sheets: Mrs. E. Barton. Shoeburyness. Essex.
Winner of £5 prize picked at random from 'all' returned sheets: Mrs. J. Mitchell. Breaston. Derbyshire.


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Was a great quiz as always, look forward to any new ones you do decide to do. x
Question Author
Thank you Mamy. Haven't forgot to email your score but if you have read earlier post tonight our broadband isn't working and the mobile hotspot is intermittent so I am lucky that I have been able to send these details.
Added to Monthly round up.
Not a problem.
45. Falmouth ?

What about Falmouth's claim to have staged the start of the Tall Ships Race three times?
If I remember right I put 'Falmouth' too.
Question Author
I will try and get this submitted before connection drops again.
I must apologise I hadn't seen this link, my source stated that Weymouth was the only port in the world to host the start of the Tall Ships Race however, there is no weight or measurement in the answer. Wey is an old measurement, therefore Weymouth was the correct answer.
Good point, yes.
An alm (also aam) is an historical liquid measure
45. Falmouth and Weymouth both correct then?
Question Author
Wow, back on line once more after massive broadband breakdown, most in the village suffering only a couple of days but a number of us having suffered equipment/line corruption lasting almost 2 weeks.
Unfortunately it could not have happened at a worse time for me with my quiz closing and not being able to check alternative answers in particular the Tall ships question. As can be seen in wiggers99 post Falmouth was also correct and indeed also had a measurement within the answer although my source clearly stated that Weymouth was the only place in the world to have hosted the start of the race 3 times.
Thankfully only 9 people out of 94 had put Falmouth and out of those, 6 would have been entitled to have been entered into the all correct draw so I must apologise to those 6 if you happen to be reading this.
I will be sending emails to those who requested results by this method hopefully will complete today.

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