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Reptiles And Rodents C/d 30 Sept

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Tuvok | 13:11 Wed 28th Sep 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers
Answers relate in some way to reptiles and rodents

24 In 1530s, these were thought to have fallen out of the sky in stormy weather 8

25 A Porky Roach headdress is made of what? 9,6

30 A famous ancient Roman sculpture excavated in 1506 and now in the Vatican, depicts what creatures?


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25 Seen as Porcupine Quills
Ignore frogs
24 Lemmings
25. Porcupine quills
Question Author
30 I got sea serpents as well for 30 - but it didn't match the letter count - or am I missing something else?
What is the letter count for 30?
Question Author
Working my way through the pics and stuck on this one

I've found that its Fraank, but need to fit his name to 5,3,7,6
Question Author
30 is 6 letters
Question Author
Good answer
Question Author
Just 1 to get - it a picture of Niki Lauda but its one of the ones that is "name by which the creature is known"

its 3,9,5 letters.

I know some of his nicknames were Super rat" or "king rat" but can't find one that matches the letter count (of course the letter count could be wrong)
Question Author
Scorpiojo - what would AB do without you!!!!!!!

I've never heard that nickname for him before!!!

Can now email my quiz entry in!

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Reptiles And Rodents C/d 30 Sept

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