Pick Me Up Issue 14 2016 Puzzle 9

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simion | 09:31 Fri 01st Apr 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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stuck on answers for 15 down, 18 across and 11 down please thank you.


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What are the clues and letter counts please, simion?
Fair enough
If you have any more simion please can you add clues and letter counts/patterns as some of us without the paper like to have a go at helping too. You may want to try using Crosswords section too
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if that is the answers then what is 14 across please thank you
danny may be able to help there too
copy of the crossword in front of them, so please write the clue EXACTLY as it appears, the number of letters required and which (if any) you already know e.g.

13d Excellent on-line resource for answering questions (10) A?SWE?B?NK
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Pick Me Up Issue 14 2016 Puzzle 9
7 down, having boundaries ?i?i?e please thank you.
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Pick Me Up Issue 14 2016 Puzzle 9

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