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Answerbank Quizzes And Puzzles Round Up February 2016

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AB Editor | 11:36 Mon 08th Feb 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
22 Answers
It feels a bit like we've escaped with only a a week's worth of winter this year - it's warm (if a little blowy) outside and sometimes it's quite warm. Sorry I'm late with this month's round up, Feburary got away with me! With that in mind I'll get to it!

NOTICE: Please remember it is vital that you add contact details ie email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz, thanks.

If you have already added it to AB you can just post the link to the question.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

New Quizzes And Puzzles February 2016

Ending in February

1. Telly Addicts quiz , in aid of Treetops Hospice Care, closing date 19th of February, 2016.

2. All Kinds of Cures Quiz In aid of Eden Breast Care Unit 30 mixed clues. Closing date 28 February 2016.

3. Hotel Quiz, in aid of the RAP Foundation. Answers are things connected with hotels. Closing date is 28th February 2016.

4. Quizzes for Charity New Year Quiz in aid of Williams Syndrome Foundation and First Step 100 general knowledge questions, puzzles and pictures. First Prize is £100 with lots of other prizes too. Closing date is 28th February 2016.

5. BQ 15 in aid of St Mary's Blackpool Hall Refurbishment Fund Mixed GK/Cryptic/Pictures, closing date 29 February 2016.

Ending in March

6. FLOWERS: Chatteris In Bloom Close Date 1st March 2016.

7. St James' Church, Spilsby - Winter Quiz a new film quiz with 100 questions, each answer with a number somewhere in the film title. Closing date for entries 1st March 2016.

8. Pet Shop Quiz 25 mixed questions, some pets and some items sold in a Pet Shop. Closing date: Saturday 5th March 2016

9. Children's Nursery Rhymes In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Closing date is 5th March 2016.

10. DOUBLE LETTER 'Q' or 'R' in aid of MAGPAS General knowledge quiz, all clues lead to a two word answer which will both either begin with a letter Q or R. Cut off date 6th March 2016.

11. CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR 2016 quiz in aid of the Romanian Aid Foundation Mixture of 60 questions - 30 answers with NEW in the answer, 15 seasonal questions and 15 questions on anniversaries in 2015. Closing date 12th March, 2016.

12. DitloidsQuiz should be in by 25th March 2016.

13. Seasonal Songs Quiz in aid of South Creake Memorial Pavilion Cryptic clues, closing date is 29th March 2016.

14. Radcliffe Animal Shelter Quiz. Creatures of the Night 30 not-so- Gen. Knowledge plus 30 pictures to identify of animals. Closing date: 31st March

15. Creatures Quiz - a 2nd quiz for Radcliffe Animal Shelter 30 animal based questions on interesting/weird facts regarding creatures of all kinds. Closing date: 31st March.

16. UK Football Teams cryptic and anagram quiz in aid of Children 1ST The closing date is 31 March 2016.

17. Hot Drinks Quiz now available in aid of 6th Chatteris Brownies. Closing date 31st March 2016.

Ending in April

18. 'CHURCH Quiz' for St Oswald's Church All the answers are linked to a Church or Cathedral. Closing date April 1st.

19. Lizzes Quizzes (20) in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 40 Questions, mix of rhyming answer clues (cryptic & gen knowledge) & phrases with vowels & spaces missing. Closing date Sat April 2nd 2016.

20. At the Seaside Quiz - Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool Closing date Tuesday 19th April 2016.

21. Quiz In Aid Of The Alzheimer's Society100 Questions in three categories: TV Programmes, Publications and Colours. Three prizes awarded. Closing date: 30th April 2016. (note: updates to incorrect questions here

22. Fogram - New Quiz Out Now Fund raising quiz for St. Matthews Church, Little Lever, Bolton. 30 questions whose answers all begin with the letters X,Y or Z. Closing date 30th April 2016.

Ending in May

23. New Quiz to raise money for Save the Children 50 questions in 5 sections. Closing date May 10th 2016.

Ending in June

24. Village Life in support of The Poppy Appeal The closing date is 17th June 2016.

Ending in August

25. General Knowledge Quiz in aid of Lincolnshire Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group.

Ending in October

26. Blesma Quiz 2016 - British Place NamesOnce again, in this year's quiz, all of the answers are the names of places in Great Britain and the closing date is 31st October, 2016. A prize of £50 will be awarded to the person submitting the highest number of correct answers (paid out of the author's own pocket, so that all monies go to Blesma).

Please remember it is vital that you add contact details ie email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz,thanks.

If you have already added it to AB you can just post the link to the question.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

If you are asking for help with a quiz, please can you ensure to include the quiz title and closing date.

Happy Quizzing!


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Question Author
Please let me know of any I've missed, or corrections required above?

Enjoy :)
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Raising money for Water Aid.
Transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.
All of the answers are the names of Kings or Queens. The answers may be people who are real or fictitious. Sometimes King or Queen is in the answer, sometimes it isn’t.
Quiz sheets are a suggested minimum donation of £1.00. Cheques payable to S. Eastman please. Available from S Eastman, 48 Rosemead Drive Oadby Leicester LE2 5SF, SAE and payment please, or by e mail from [email protected] Payment with entry. There will be a prize of £10 for the person with the most right answers. In the event of a tie a draw will be made to find the prize winner and spellings will be taken into consideration. There will also be a draw from all entries returned for a prize of £5. Closing date May 7th 2016.
Type Your Answer Here...
That's the trouble with wind it makes you repeat yourself;-)
Question Author
Thanks Mamya!
Question Author
I've tried to slice up the comps into different months. Let me know if this is something you want me to continue in future.
new layout look good and easier I assume to add new quizzes as and when necessary in the foloowing months
Thanks Ed. Yes, the new layout is very helpful.x

Family Fundraiser 2016 Shaw & Crompton Committee of Macmillan Cancer Support. Mixed quiz with 6 sections each containing 12 questions. Closing date 14th May 2016 Winner £50; 2nd £25;3rd £10 Minimum donation £1
Available by post from 43 Foxhill, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NQ enclosing a S.A.E. and payment by cheque (to Macmillan Cancer Support) or securely taped coin. Alternatively, up to 14th April, you can request and print your copy by emailing [email protected]
16:33 Sat 13th Feb 2016
Cavendish Cancer Care quiz. All answers are words beginning with the letters CC. Cost is £1 with a £10 prize. Closing date 31st March. Quiz sheets available by email from [email protected]
1st Kinoulton Scout Group 2016 Connections & Sequences Quiz

This new quiz sheet is now available for download at
The download is free, and a donation of £2 is requested when you submit your quiz entry.

The subject matter of connections and sequences leans heavily on the format of BBC's "Only Connect" quiz show.

Closing date for entries is Saturday 30th April 2016. More details can be found on the website.
Re: 1st Kinoulton Scout Group 2016 Connections & Sequences Quiz

My apologies, there is an error in Q2 of the Connections section of the above quiz, spotted by an eagle-eyed Answerbank user. I had mis-remembered the spelling of the surname of the 4th picture, making the connection incomplete, so I will not include the connection point for scoring purposes.
Friockheim BC new R G quiz
50p from David Balfour, 30 Guthrie St,
Friockheim,DD11 4SY or email pay on return
From [email protected] closing date Sat 30 April 2016
Winner of L C quiz Mrs C McDowall Teignmouth, Devon
Scratch card to Mrs Pauline Riley, Thetford and M Johnson , Melton Mowbray
Ab Editor
Are you aware that peoples names are not appearing under their avatars?
Macmillan Cancer Support. New quiz available from 5th March 2016. it is called, Scottish Quiz 50p each quiz 30 Questions. closing date is 31st May 2016.
available by e-mail to [email protected] or by post to: Jeanette Gibson, 7 Cairns Park, New Alyth, Perthshire. PH11 8PA please enclose an s.a.e. if required by post.
Question Author
Masterchef - looks OK for the moment. Was it playing up on Saturday?
Yes Ed, it was playing up at the time that I posted but was rectified soon after Thanks
NEW Quiz – “Double Letter (in one word answers) Quiz” – in aid of Treetops Hospice Care (Registered Charity No. 519540)

30 questions – all answers are ONE WORD that contain ANY ONE LOT of ‘double letters’ e.g rOOster……
£15 Prize. Quiz available by email (pay on return) from [email protected]

or by post, send £1.(securely taped) and SAE to:

C. Cotterill,
The Cottage (opp Yew Tree Inn),

Cheques payable to Treetops Hospice Care.

Closing Date 24th June 2016

The Winner of the £15 Prize for the ‘Telly Addicts’ quiz was
J Burton of Uttoxeter, Staffs. £288.00 (best ever!) was raised for Treetops Hospice Care, many thanks to all who contributed.

Question Author
In the Pharmacy quiz - Friockheim & Kinnell Church - SC005085 - closing date 30th June 2016 - pay on return to Christine Donaldson, Tollview, Station Road, Friockheim, Angus DD11 4SE or email [email protected]
In the Pharmacy quiz. How much is the quiz!!

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