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pinkee | 16:10 Sun 01st Feb 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help me convert the following into a set of useable coordinates please. The N 4303 will almost certainly be 51 and the E 80 will be 000

N 4303° 6114.54022' E 80° 31121.71636'.

Thank you


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I think the technique to this one is to note that for every 60 of the ' (arcminutes), there is one degree, so first thing is to divide 6114 by 60, to give 101 with a remainder of 54. So 6114.54022' is the same thing as 101° 54.54022' 54.54022', and so the North coordinate is 4404° 54.54022'.

Still not perfectly useful, but we can say that every 360° you do a full turn, so we can say that, eg., 361° is the same as 1° from the point of view of coordinates. Hence we should keep subtracting off 360° until we get back to a number less than 360. we need to take 12 lots of 360 away from 4404, and can't take any more off, and you find that we are left with 84. So

N 4303° 6114.54022' = N 84° 54.54022'.

The same technique should work for the East coordinate.

[I should add that possibly I'm mistaken in reading 54.54022' as "54 and a half arc minutes", and that it should be read instead as "54 arcminutes, and 54 thousand and 22 arcseconds". If that's the case then 60 arcseconds = 1 arcminute and you can do the same trick as before to reduce all those arcseconds into arcminutes.]
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Hi Jim, Thank you but the answer has to be N51 an E000. as it will give aset of coordinate in mid Essex. N84 won't even be in this country
Hmm. How do you know that it will land in Essex?
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Hi Jim

Because its the final location for a geocache and has to be within a few miles of the given coordinates on the cache page which are: N 51° 46.745 E 000° 44.738

Well in that case all I can say is that the conversion technique I described above makes the most immediate sense, so there must be some activity-specific way of converting those numbers into the coordinates you want.
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I think the numbers dive are a base , an octal number ormaybe can be factorised. So 4303 would be treated as a whole number as would 6114 and 54022 but I don't know how to do that kind of hard maths. I've tried the the octal number idea and that doesn't work
I really would need to know a bit more about the context of the problem. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

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Conversion To Coordinates

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