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yogasun | 15:33 Mon 17th Nov 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
16 Answers
Have done 32 of the 36 questions but totally baffled with these

4 F on a H
16 MW of O
4 TT ( D, L, P & TW)
2 S in a P

Any clues towards answers? Thanks!


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2 socks in a pair
4 Teletubbies etc
dipsy, lala, poe, tinky winky for those that are fortunate enough not to know ;)
Question Author
Thanks elliemay and emeritus, sock one so obvious- silly me - but would never have thought of Teletubbies!!
4 fingers on a hand?
Question Author
Thanks alwaysconfused would have had to look them up, long forgotten!
4 Fingers on a hand (and a thumb)
Question Author
Yes scorpiojo I thought of that, I suppose you don't count the thumb?
I wouldn't
16 molecular weight of oxygen
Question Author
Thanks Grasscarp, I honestly thought of that but when I googled the molecular weight of O2 it was very confusing but I shall put that.
Thanks to all of you for your help xx
I agree, I spent a long time before I decided that must be what they wanted, though I would have been happier if question was 16 AW of O (for atomic weight)
I was working on 'oxygen' as well but got confused!
Question Author
Well, again thanks all for all your time spent on it
You're welcome, yogasun. Enjoyed it.
4TT ( D,L,P & TW ) is 4 TellyTubbies ( Dipsy,LahLah< Po & TinkyWinky )

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