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Which Of These Countries Produces The Most Amount Of Oil Please X

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piglet2222 | 10:37 Sat 30th Nov 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hello my angel,
well wasn't expecting to be here on a saturday morning but here i am ( sigh ) please do any of you know the answer to this i am getting conflicting answers, which of these countries produces the most amount of oil ? Russia or Saudi Arabia ? i got one answer with russia 12.65% and saudi arabia with ( can't remember ) but there saying Russia is top ? Thank you very much for all your help..piglet x x


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Saudi Arabia probably produces more oil, but Russian reserves are probably greater.
I've got Russia 12.65% and Saudi Arabia 11.28%
Question Author
well i have same answer as you scorpiojo ?
More votes for Russia on Google so I'd go with that piglet. This is like that fossil question lol!
Question Author
hi scorpiojo ( smile )
yes just like the fossil question agggggg and i am not well so this makes it worse.. my head hurts already and it;s only 10.11 lol
Question Author
Well i have gone for Russia i doubt i shall win because i won £100 from it last week ( Grin ) and then i had a letter to say i had won another £100 from daily mirror ( happy days )
Go with Russia. Leave that poor cat alone today lol! Hope you feel better soon.
Crossed posts, sorry. Well done!!! Good luck comes in threes so have you bought that lottery ticket yet?!
Question Author
no scorpiojo i don't gamble lol

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Which Of These Countries Produces The Most Amount Of Oil Please X

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