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percyverunce | 16:29 Wed 23rd Oct 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Is everyone still looking for nos. 2 Limit of the lower leg (8) and No 57 - Crazy Phil's body coolant is not working (7-7), or can someone help me by giving me a clue?

Many thanks in advance


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I suggested LINEFOOT, Cumbria for No. 2 in another thread.
57 Previously suggested as

Botolph Claydon
Anagram of Phils body coolant - is
57 Botolph Claydon (anag of 'phils body coolant without 'is')
thanks for that idea frugalfred I was going cross eyed on my map book still struggling on 56 going from a to d musically perhaps and38 sounds like something a nun might wear any clues would be gratefully received
38 wimpole
38. Wimp ole .... sounds like wimple ?
Whimple is a village and civil parish in East Devon in the English county of Devon, approximately due east of the city of Exeter, and from the nearest small town, Ottery St Mary. It has a population of 1,642. ...
cf "wimple" a nun's headdress
A to D musically is known as a "fourth". Could be ?forth, e.g. Handforth just S of Manchester. I don't get the "going" bit.
Hi,frugalfred,I can'f find Linefoot in any of the sites I use. The Gazetteer is a great help but even when I tried contains,starts with,ends with foot Linefoot didn't come up.I googled it and apparently it was a railway station in Cumbria which closed early nineties.Do you have a link for it-it certainly fits the clue perfectly.Soon be the closing date and I still haven't got no 56.
Perhaps lancashirelass will give us a clue?
thanks to all for wimpole will carry on with forth handforth good but like you can't see where going comes in
Thank you,frugalfred,I'm going for Linefoot.Still can't make up my mind about no56
I had a thought about "going" as a term for the condition of the track in horse racing. Three words which came up are: soft; firm; hard. I've tried to connect each of these with "forth" but haven't made any progress. Perhaps you can explore this further.

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