New Quiz - Billericay Lions - Sing For Your Supper

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PuzzledPedro | 16:33 Sat 05th Oct 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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First Prize £50.00
Second Prize £25.00
Third Prize £10.00
Three Lucky Dip Prizes - £5.00
Entry Fee £1.00
All profits to Lions Charity Account - Helping people in the local community

The weather the last couple of weeks has made sure we know summer is over and winter is on its way. For many Lions Clubs that means it’s time to start work on our Christmas projects and it would have been easy to write yet another Xmas themed quiz and since everybody else will do one, we tried a bit of lateral thinking came up with a music quiz based on one of the most important parts of the yuletide festivities, food and drink. The quiz gives the first "letters" of the titles and artists of 90 songs. Somewhere in either the title of the song or the artist you will find something to eat or drink. Most of the songs made it into the top 40 but, just to keep you on your toes, there are a few obscure ones that didn't and you won't find them listed on a well-known TOP40 website.

Copies of the quiz can be downloaded from and you can send your fee with your completed entry, or if you still want the thrill of receiving a paper copy in the post they can still be requested by sending a stamped, addressed envelope and entry fee to :-
Sing For Your Quiz(AB), Lions Club of Billericay,
C/o The Loft, Crown Yard, High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9BX

(Cheques \Postal Orders should be made payable to Lions Club of Billericay).

The closing date is Monday 13th January 2014
Marked answer sheets will be returned on request after closing date.


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This quiz really appeals to me - just thinking of food and drink Whoopee !
PuzzledPedro,please check nos 74 to 90 before sending out copies of the quiz.Perhaps it was a one-off but the letters in my copy were very faint and some illegible.However a kind ABer posted a copy of these numbers.Thought I should let you know.
Question Author
Sorry Quinie.

The printer did seem to have a bit of a hissy fit and printed the first three pages correctly then objected to the last page. I thought I had weeded out the really bad ones and have handed written the clues on some to ensure they were clear but it seems a couple of really bad ones have got through.

If anyone else has a problem reading the back page there are a couple of things you can do. You can download another copy of the quiz from our website at or email me at [email protected] and I will reply with the questions you cannot read.
Puzzlepedro, I really enjoyed this quiz and its packed ready for return, do you like them sent in early or closer to closing date? I know there are many happy hours for those yet to buy this quiz ! Julie
Question Author

I am happy to accept answers now, they all get put in a file so are safe.
Ok Puzzeledpedro. On its way (by snail mail...) Thanks. Julie
Question Author
Glad you enjoyed it.
i sent for two and not received back
sorry it was sing for your supper quiz do I need to send for again with cheque this time and notcoins as evelopes are slit opened
thanks mamyalynne, maybe its just late,or they never received it
Question Author

When did you post your request? It can take several days for letters to get to me but I checked our post yesterday morning and there was nothing there. I wasn't going to check again until Thursday but will try and get in tomorrow if you have only sent it recently.

I have double checked the mail we have received over the last couple of weeks and all except one was completed answer sheets. The one request for copies wasn't for two so couldn't have been yours and was sent out.

If you could email me your details to [email protected] I can check the records to see if we have sent anything to you.
Question Author

I have been and checked our post this morning. Two new arrivals but both completed entries and not your request I am afraid.
thank you for your reply I posted them at post office ,around the 16th oct along with 2 others which I have received . I cant e mail as don't no how really thick where computers are concerned lol but nevermind I will send again and with cheque this time
Question Author

I have just returned from checking our post and I have what I believe could be your request for two quizzes with a cheque dated 4th November. I will be putting the quizzes in the post later today.

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New Quiz - Billericay Lions - Sing For Your Supper

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