Quizzes And Puzzles Round Up August 2013

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AB Editor | 08:45 Thu 01st Aug 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Dear All,

Welcome to the August edition of our monthly Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions.

Please remember to add contact details i.e. email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz,thanks.

If you have already added it to AB you can just post the link to the question.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

All the best,


1. Boys Names Quiz, in aid of Cornwall Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, closing date 31st August 2013.

2. CLOTHES Quiz, in aid of The RAP Foundation, closing date 31st August 2013.

3. Scottish Theme Quiz 70 General Knowledge questions with a Scottish theme,in aid of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, closing date 31st August 2013.

4. Film Dingbats Quiz, in aid of Pendleside Hospice, Burnley, closing date 31st August 2013.

5. Forget Me Not Quiz 85 varied questions also available by email, raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society. Registered Charity No. 296645, closing date 1st September 2013.

6. New Quiz Two words beginning D C, in aid of Friockheim Bowling Club, closing date 7th September 2013.

7. Scottish Songs Quiz 25 questions Scottish song titles , in aid of St Columba's Church Fundraising, closing date 7th September 2013.

8. CAP IT ALL CRUISE Quiz fill in the blanks, in aid of St Michaels Church Shirley Funds, closing date 9th September 2013.

9. New Quiz 50 questions in 5 sections, in aid of HIGHAM FERRERS SAVE THE CHILDREN, closing date 10th September 2013.

10. Mine's A Pint Quiz brewery themed clues, in aid of Billericay Lions Charity, closing date 16th September 2013.

11. Birds Quiz 100 clues, in aid of S.M.I.L.E., closing date 20th September 2013.

12. SU MM ER Quiz 60 questions, in aid of Romanian Aid Foundation. (, closing date 21st September 2013.

13. Lizzes Quizzes No.10 80 vareid questions, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, correction for an error here, closing date 23rd September 2013.

14. AT THE MOVIES Quiz 100 questions, in aid of MAGPAS, closing date 25th September 2013.

15. 'Great British Shires' Quiz 40 questions, in aid of St. Guthlac's Ladies' Guild, closing date 25th September 2013.

16. Figure It Out quiz 40 questions with numbers in the answer, in aid of Rainbow Africa's Grannies and Orphans Housing Project, S. Zambia, closing date 27th September 2013.

17. After an accident Quiz , in aid of Chatteris Community Group, closing date 30th September 2013.

18. Tykes Teaser 2 Quiz , in aid of Snainton Village Hall and Playing Fields Association, closing date 30th September 2013.

19. ALL OVER THE WORLD Quiz cryptic clues about names of countries, in aid of United Society, closing date 30th September 2013.

20. Water, Water, Everywhere Quiz, in aid of Water Aid, closing date 30th September 2013.

21. Colours & Shades Quiz 30 clues, in aid of Treetops Hospice (Regd Charity No. 519540), closing date 2nd October 2013.

22. Who Am I? Quiz 90 picture clues, in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Fakenham Group), closing date 30th November 2013.

23. Around the UK coastline Quiz 50 questions, in aid of Supporters of Southgates Medical Centre, closing date 20th December 2013.

24. New Quiz No.6 60 varied clues, in aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue, closing date 31st December 2013.

25. Movie Quiz, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, closing date 1st February 2014.


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WINNERS OF THE RECIPE QUIZ Matlock Town Football Club Supporters Auxiliary Association C J CHANTLER BATH 115 £10 M KAY SANDBACH 114 £8 M CORNISH DARLEY DALE 112 £6 L PATERSON CLACKS 111.5 £5 G CUNLIFFE-JONES 111 £4 Many thanks to all who bought this quiz and even more thanks to those who sent in their answers. When I compiled this quiz I thought it would be an...
20:07 Wed 14th Aug 2013
Forget Me Not Quiz (No. 5 on the above list).
PLEASE NOTE that due to the compiler being without the internet for nearly a fortnight, there was a delay in dealing with a number of quiz requests. As a result, he has asked me to let everyone know that the closing date for this quiz has been set back two weeks to 15th September, 2013 (instead of 1st September). His internet problem has now been resolved, and all email requests should have been answered.


Thanks to the 99 people who've already signed up for this at ....

...but please remember when donating on JustGiving that you MUST click the box which says "I'm happy to be contacted by Richard Cleaver", otherwise I can't send you your copy of the quiz.

If you have forgotten to do this, you can email me at [email protected]

Copies are being emailed out from midnight on Saturday 24th August. The closing date is 13th October.
Rushden Children's Society Autumn Quiz 'Hello Sailor' 100 Nautical Questions is now available from John Holloway, 51 Fern Road, Rushden, Northants NN10 6AU. Tel: 01933 318415. Three prizes of £10. Closing date 31st December 2013. Entry costs £1, cheques payable to 'Children's Society' and stamped addressed envelope.
NEW - The Pink Quiz for Breast Cancer Research, Lincoln.
Registered Charity No. 1058065.
"Just the Job". 90 Questions relating to various occupations.

Available from:

J. and M. King,
10 Abbey Road,
LN3 5XA.

Price £1+ s.a.e.
£10 prize for the winner.
Closing date: 31st January, 2014.

Sorry, but this quiz is not available by email.

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