Mm And Km Links June 2013 Week [5]

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gen2 | 20:00 Fri 28th Jun 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Sorry if I confused younger players with my reference to 'ITMA' last week. It is an age thing: as we mature, so we tend to dwell more in the past. We also become more aware of our frailty and that was brought home this morning when a neighbour was taken into hospital but don't know yet how serious it is.

This afternoon, I wandered out in the shrubbery with my camera and what should I see but the shadow of a mouse disappearing into the logpile! (If I adnt been brought up proper, then I could of sweared because it was gone before I done mastered the macro thingy on the lens.)

I have also become more aware of the LBJs* lurking in the bushes. Strangely, have discovered that there is no such entry in my bird field-guide. Instead all they have interesting identities of their own like 'whitethroat', 'linnet', 'tree-sparrow' and 'corn-bunting' so I now have a new goal to achieve - capture them all on pixels (what used to be called 'film').

* LBJ = Little Brown Job (a birder's derogatory name for an unidentified small bird with nondescript plumage).

So much for my waffling. I really came on to remind you that tomorrow is the last weekend of the month meaning that both our Links Games reach a climax in this 5-week month.

First to launch in Q&P tomorrow morning is the KM Game which is managed from Australia by Seekeerz. That is based on the Daily Telegraph GK Crosswords (set by Kate Mepham, hence 'KM'). Play anytime before midnight on Sunday for an equal chance of points.

The other version is the one we set ourselves. This month it is being set by our favourite shellfish, Manx Queenie (aka Manxiemo). She will post an introduction in Q&P at 8:45 in the morning followed by the challenge itself at 9am. Early play is advised in this game because of the way bonus points are allocated but entries are accepted right up until the game closes at 7pm Sunday.

The rest of this thread is now open for socialising.

Until tomorrow then - Happy Linking


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Mm And Km Links June 2013 Week [5]

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