The Km Links Game - February 2013 Week 4 And Results

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seekeerz | 01:58 Mon 25th Feb 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all - lovely lovely rain is falling here, settling the dust, freshening up the gardens, and just possibly sending the humidity levels through the roof, but I'm not complaining, not one little bit ... roll on 'the season of mists etc'

Oh dear ! what happened in our little corner of the world ? Think Kate has been 'gunning' for us in the nicest possible way this week -

Stroke Source [0]
Butter Bean [2]
Key Code [0]
Nail File [14]

16 points in all scored ... looks like a bad week over on MM doesn't it !!

Out STAR TURN came from NABOB who selected both of the two matches and added 3 points to her tally, while the majority of us rested on our laurels or wherever else we landed !!

Still the Leader Board looked very pleased with itself with most of the players in the upper half and the FFC almost empty, and next week is a new month so we all get another bash at it

Congratulations to all the points scorers and I'd like to welcome CGOODY to our ranks, who has finished the month with a very creditable 5 points for a first-timer, lovely to see you and very well done

I'll see you all next week, same place, but who knows what time - till then stay warm and safe, skz


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I thought our guesses had to be between 4 and 8 letters
Question Author

14 points - gen2 and jillywiskas - play nicely, you two !!

13 points - Gill G

12 points - Aquagility & angler57

10 points - cliffyg, tyrepill, sadielady, lysander & nabob

9 points - seekeerz, JRB, Chiefpanda, owllady, middlestump, patchett, & ChrisH

8 points - beejay1124, grannydi, Muzz, sackville, & twix123

7 points - baza, cupid04, london_lassy, tearinghair, Fibonacci, rockfordill, ulysses100 & 2unicorns

6 points - Elspeth, x-ray, brizzer & jobjockey

5 points - deecee131, kawakiri, roslyn251254, Phyl & cgoody

4 points - devadiva, HandBagLady & Christiana

3 points - Mrs E & eccles

2 points - kettledrum, Prescott, pysbbo, anikomo, wickedtongue, & Manxiemo

1 point - John, ttfn, Jean G & ShazzaH

Excellent result, looking forward to better next month, catch you all later, Steff
Question Author
Hi Baza- no, that's only over on MM - on KM you can do what ever you like, and so can Kate, which is where we trip up every so often
Thankyou seekerz. Is it too late to change my answer from morse to key? LOL!xx
Question Author
just a tad, but nice try !!
Thanks skz. Never heard of the first one.
Question Author
No it's not one I'm familiar with either, but it does come up on google ( not that I was much wiser afterwards though )
Skz, a thread in the Crossswords section is suggesting links of Source Code and Key Stroke. Don't know whether that makes any difference to the scoring?
Question Author
Oh s s s sugar !!!
Question Author
Mmmm I'm not sure that it doesn't but I'll check it and get back to you
what do we think the links are then? I'm not sure now.
Question Author
Hi creamegg - seems I got two of them reversed, it should be

Key Stroke
Source Code

for the KM players this makes no difference to the results, I've double checked and nobody selected the alternatives, so it's as you were !!
Thank you seekeerz.
Joint winner eh! I'll have to go out and celebrate as I'm sure it won't happen again for a long time. Cheers everyone. ☺
Question Author
oh twaddle, gen2 !! but any excuse for a drink or two - should be standard practice up your way, to keep from freezing up in this weather !! so enjoy
Hi Steff,
I seem to have disappeared from the leader board- did I get negative marks for nul points?
I think the pairings are better as source code, keystroke, butter bean and nail file. I'm not convinced stroke source is a common phrase or word!
Question Author
sorry rosie, a couple were missed from the final printout - it should have read

7 points - cpfcrosie

6 points - bryher

it was a bit hectic here yesterday !!

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The Km Links Game - February 2013 Week 4 And Results

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