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Does It Irk You

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mallyh | 10:21 Wed 30th Jan 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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does it irk you when you have taken time to answer somebody then get no response .


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I wasn't going to answer this mallyh
10:23 Wed 30th Jan 2013
I wasn't going to answer this mallyh
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lol wharton
Not as much as when I post an answer to find someone else has posted the same 2 seconds earlier! But yes it does irk me a little, even just a thank you would be polite.
If someone doesn't respond to an answer I've given because I've irritated them in the past then I take great delight in irritating them even more by carrying on posting replies to their questions.
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im always behind everyone too Always confused . bibblebub the fact you are taking time to help should earn at least a thanks
I just think its rude not to say thank you. If I have been trying for hours or days to get an answer and someone has kindly tried for me it certainly deserves a well done or thanks.
No not really - it is nice to be thanked and even more to know the answer is correct, but never really irked.
yes it does mally. Some folk have been on here years and have never acknowledge any help...But, we still keep giving the answers ;o)
Yes it does, sometimes wonder if they ever came back! There are some people who do it all the time, and I avoid helping them once I've noticed.
I don't mind so much with some crossword answers, but when I've spent time on something, some manners are appreciated.
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glad im not the only one x
I mean, they just clearly don't read the guidelines, do they?

///5. If you receive a helpful answer please indicate with the “best answer” option and offering a thank you. This should be done on the original thread, not in an entirely new thread.///
I'm the same chelle, I try and remember the ones that never, ever say TY...and then I forget who they are and go ahead an answer anyway ! You wouldn't dream of asking someone the time in the street and then just turning away and walking off (would you?)
Exactly mazie.

Just checked things I've answered recently and found another who never answers, oops..
I do enjoy finding answers though so will probably continue to be ignored on occasion!
Me too chelle, especially some of the quizzes..really challenging
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Yes, it is annoying and I always say thankyou if someone helps me, which many of you do and in the same vein expect others to thank me if I help. W Is it Mrs Do-as-you-would-be-done-by, or perhaps they prefer Mrs Be-done-by-as-you-did! (From The Water Babies, I think, but not quite sure).

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Does It Irk You

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