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Occupations That Are Also Surnames

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CHARNA | 22:57 Fri 04th Jan 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can anyone help with the following 1, Farmer working his own land (6 letters) 2, Also a mooring rope (7 letters) All answrs are occupations that are also surnames. Many thanks if you can help


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2) painter
1, Farmer working his own land - Yeoman?
Young RE teacher discussing surnames as occupations asked the boy in the front row for his surname replied Hore
LOL @ Daisy.
Question Author
Many thanks lotty and Jonathan Joe. Still not sure what Also a mooring rope 7 letters could be
Did you read Bibblebub's answer at no. 2 ?
answered earlier by bibblebub
as in painter line
Bibblebub at 22:00 gave the answer as Painter to the mooring rope question.
bibblebub got it for you

a rope, usually at the bow, for fastening a boat to a ship, stake, etc.
Use of a painter (rope)...

Long painter-the painter is the long rope that is attached to the dinghy for towing it, tying it to the boat or to a dock.
Question Author
So sorry bibblebub l googled painter and it didnt say anything about anything a mooring rope. Many thanks l am sorry l couldnt see it
Question Author
Sorry about the 2 anythings
it seems l am also rubbish at typing

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Occupations That Are Also Surnames

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