Cryptic Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs in UK

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Ticknall19 | 12:41 Wed 21st Nov 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Am struggling to sort the following out from a Local Quiz. They are all cryptic, and nothing in relation to number of letters in the answers is given. Any help will be very much appreciated.

1. The weather was too much for this northern reservoir.
2. Shortly Harry could go nuts over these two Scottish rivers - one will do.
3. Send a letter to a northen museum to find this fishy river.
4. Motor car anti-theft devise (sic) found in a river in Cheshire.
5. A river in Leicestershire but the car will be needed to get there.

Last one 6. Another fluid sounding leak but in a different place. (I have separated this one because I have Great Ouse as an answer to the following: Sounds like a large but slow fluid leak to me).


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3. River B(r)eamish
4 Wheelock
5. River Chater . . . . anag/the car
6 Could this just be
River Ouse ?
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Thanks for your answers everyone. They all fit exceptionally well. I have sorted number 1 myself - it is Haweswater an anagram of 'weather was'.

I still need the answer to number 2 though: has anybody out there got any ideas at all.........? I've tried run-ins, anagrams and mix-ups but can't get anywhere. Still got a bit of time before closing day.

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Cryptic Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs in UK

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