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Please could you help me with the following questions? All Christmassy!

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shoemad | 17:33 Mon 05th Nov 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
13 Answers
1. A fictional character to help deliver our greetings (3,8)

2. Wartime Christmas dinner look-a-like (4,6)

3. With jewellery in Christmas song(7)


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I'm reluctant to suggest for No. 2 DEAD RINGER. Logic - church bells were silenced during WW2, to be rung only in the event of an invasion. I'm probably wrong, and I see why you are struggling, Shoemad!
1 Bob Cratchit? Just a guess to be honest.
2 Mock Turkey?
I'm sure that's right, quinie! Well done!
If you google" recipe for mock turkey Christmas dinner " you'll understand my answer.Sorry I can't give a link. I remember seeing someone making this years ago!
Thank you,Cruciformist.
Must go out now- still can't suss out no3-thought it might have something to do with ring but can't find a 7-letter word
3. Baubles

The songs was Baubles, Bangles and Beads.
Question Author
many thanks for all your help, I think these are very tricky and I'd never have got them.
You must be doing the same quiz I am. Did you get an answer to No 1 ? - I'm stuck on that.
That makes three of us. That and 'She insists on 'joke' gifts at Christmas.' are the two I'm stuck on.
I think "She insists on joke gifts at Christmas" is The Queen - check out what royals give each other - tradition is silly small things rather than expensive gifts. I still want to know what A Fictional Character to help Deliver our greetings is
Thanks murraze, I hadn't thought of that. It seems like everyone's stuck on the fictional character question.
I received the answer sheet over the weekend and the fictional character they were looking for was The Gruffalo. Apparently when they compiled the quiz back in August last year they were informed that he was going to be used on the Christmas stamps, hence the question. The PO didn't run with that design of stamp so the question didn't count. The quiz was instead judged out of 29 questions. As it turns out I was one of the lucky 35 who managed to get all 29 questions correct. Just not quite lucky enough to be one of the three winners. If anyone wants all the answers I'll be happy to post them.

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Please could you help me with the following questions? All Christmassy!

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