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Two quizzes that need posting tomorrow

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granny grump | 21:20 Wed 29th Aug 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers
Please can you help me finish

I do like to be beside the sea side

The answers mostly cryptic relate to all things coastal in the British Isles - towns & natural or man made features in fact & fiction islands flora fauna of the shore & a few songs

47 Immobilize?- OK then! (4 4) - I have seen Hold Fast as an answer but not sure

Lizzies rhyming quiz

I thought that I had finished but I've still one to do

8. Heart -> Earth (6 2 5)
1960's/70's sitcom (4 5 2 2 4)

Thank you in advance


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I saw 8 answered on here as change of heart
8) change of heart / till death us do part
Till Death us do Part.
I saw 46 answered as Clam Pyes but it's a long shot because it's a very old spelling. Is Hold Fast a seaside term- I thought the answers were seaside terms, but maybe I was misled on other threads
This is my offer for number 47, but may not be correct.

Could it be Tide Lock ???
Sorry, i meant 47 not 46 for the Immobilize one (clam pyes etc)
Question Author
Thank you all for your help - lizzies one done and I'l ponder the answers for 47
meant to add, tide (sounds like tied) and Lock.
Please let us know what the answer was when you get the results.
Question Author
I will do winner

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Two quizzes that need posting tomorrow

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