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lesleyrobert | 10:18 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All the answers are names or breeds of animals or include the name of an animal. I'm stuck on the following and hope someone may be able to help me.

1. A famous musical (3,4,4)
2. Sounds like a hair product (5)
3. A cooler for a facial part (10)
4. A stopping point in zone 1 (8,3,6)
5. A light brownish colour (4)
6. A lively young girl or woman (5)
7. Yes-Yes (3,3)

Many thanks


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1. The lion king
2. Moose?
7. Aye aye
5. Roan
2. Hyena
5 Fawn
3. Chinchilla
Question Author
Many thanks for this - so obvious when you have the answer! Much appreciated.
4. Elephant and Castle
Please where did you get this quiz from? as I try to do the Save the Children quizzes as I set my own for the charity. Hope you have my Spring quiz!!!
Question Author
Many thanks to everyone for all your help - I reckon I'm almost there now. Your help is really appreciated. Thanks again.
Question Author
Just realised, marjorygood, I forgot to answer your question. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where the quiz originated - my son sent it to me to encourage me to keep my brain active!

I've also just discovered I had a wrong answer to: 'a tardy fictional animal' (3,5,6) Can anybody help, please? Many thanks.
The White Rabbit
Question Author
Thanks for this - I had wondered whether or not 'the white rabbit' fitted the clue, but thought that a rabbit was perhaps a bit fast to be described as 'tardy'. Anyone any other ideas? Thanks again to everyone who has helped..
At the beginning of Alice in Wonderland the white rabbit is heard saying oh dear oh dear I shall be too late. (not sure every word is correct but along those lines)
Question Author
Many thanks - sounds as though it's spot on. Thanks also for taking the time to reply to me.

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