pls help me with these pick me up clues win without finishing puzzle issue 9

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sweetwoman23 | 22:40 Mon 27th Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1A - Hopeful disposition (8)
5A - Decorativer border ()
9A - Object thought to have magic powers (8)
12A - leader of a jewish congretation (5)
13A Midday break (5,4)
14A - Directory (5,4)
15A Animal harness (4)
19A Distateful quality (9)
23A Inflammatory infection of the lungs (9)
25A Further , additonal (5)
26A Lizard of tropical america (6)
28A Thick oil (6)

thanks for any help


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12 rabbi
13 lunch time?
14 phone book
15 yoke
25 extra
14 phone book
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13a lunch time
28a sludge
23a emphysema
9a talisman?
1] optimism
12] rabbi
13] lunch time
14] phone book
15] rein
28a diesel ?
26 iguana?
5a piping or edging at a guess
it would help if you posted how many letters in clue 5
Question Author
5A has 6 letters and 7D (Inuit dwelling ) goes down from 4th letter in thsi clue .. I do not think that Igloo is correct as it makes 13A lunchtime wrong
Judging by the standard of the other clues, I am sure that igloo will be correct.
dinner hour/time
dinner is 6 rather than 5 letters though.

if it is igloo, what letters do you have in clue 13?
lunch hour perhaps?
12a = rabbi
13a= lunch time
14a= phone book
15a= lead
23a= pneumonia
25a - extra
28a think oil = grease

Im stuck on the other ones aswell.xo

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pls help me with these pick me up clues win without finishing puzzle issue 9

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